Why Maintaining a Skincare Routine is Good for Your Mental Health

Posted by Alysse Whitworth, Master of Science on Jul 13th 2022

In todays times, we no longer ignore when we are mentally struggling. I love how the culture has shifted to supporting mental health and incorporating ways to strengthen it. One of my go to ways to boost my mood and take care of my self is my skincare routine. Below are reasons why something as simple as a skincare routine can have a positive impact on your mental health. Enjoy!

  • Redirecting your focus deflects from anxiety and worry

Being anxious, in a constant state of worry or in any unstable mental state effects majority of us. To be precise, anxiety effects over 40 million adults in the U.S ( National Alliance on Mental Health, 2017). During theses anxious episodes one of the best ways to get out of it is to redirect your focus to positive thoughts and positive actions. Taking a moment to get your favorite beauty products and cater to yourself puts your mind at ease. It is very relaxing, therapeutic and redirects your focus. Whether that is cleansing your skin or laying still for 10 minutes with a face mask. For those moments you are focused on being your best self and not the chaos in the world. Creating a daily routine creates better daily habits of positive thoughts, positive actions and boost your overall mood.

  • Caring for your skin is an act of self love

Being well kept isn't done in vein, its done because we love ourselves that much. Showing yourself love before you show anyone else is vital for your mental health.  Taking care of your skin makes sure it has the nutrients it needs and looks/feels it best. We all want radiant looking skin but in order to achieve that you have to put in the work and use great products. So while it may seem like your just cleansing your skin or applying a mask, getting a facial, doing a facial steam, you are really showing your self love and putting in the work to be the best you. Small daily acts of self care make a big impact on your health.

  • Creates bonding moments with loved ones

Doing a skincare routine is the perfect moment to incorporate your loved ones. Personally, I include my husband and oldest child in my skincare routine. I have taught them how to apply a mask, share my skincare secrets and overall include them in my skincare routine. During this time it opens the conversation, it creates moments, it brings you closer and adds another topic of conversation to your relationship. My oldest child now comes to me for all his skincare questions, we shop for products together, we mask together and it gives us another moment to spend time. With my husband, wine and sitting in a skincare mask is basically date night. As a mother and wife having a strong relationship with your family brings joy and peace to my mental. Even include friends in your routine, it’s the new girls night!

From now on take time for yourself and your skin. Your body will thank you for it.