The Hydra-Facial Experience and Benefits

Posted by Alysse Whitworth, Master of Science on Jan 20th 2023

I recently decided I wanted to elevate my skin routine by adding professional skincare treatments. After some research I decided to get a HydraFacial! From my research, this was a great option for those that have acne, textured skin, and want to combat aging. 

Here's how it went…

I went to DG aesthetics in Long Beach where they offer everything for your body aesthetic needs. The staff there is very friendly, knowledgable and the clinic is beautiful. 

To recap, the aesthetician started off gently cleansing my skin to remove the surface dirt and oil. After the cleanse, she began deeply cleansing my pores using a Dermasuction like tool. I have big pores on my nose and in my t zone area where they found the most dirt hidden. This process didn’t hurt at all and was very relaxing. This step is my favorite because my skin felt so cleansed afterward.

From there they used a HydraFacial pen to infuse the HydraFacial serums into my pores. From my research, the serum used contains antioxidants and peptides to hydrate and repair the skin. This was the final step, my skin was cold and wet from the serums they infused but it wasn't uncomfortable. Right after the treatment I noticed a positive change in my skins appearance.

The benefits and my experience...

The HydraFacial can improve your skin in various ways. The benefits include that your skin is hydrated, glowy and plump. The treatment also reduces fine lines, clears complexion, reduces pores, increases firmness and smoothens out textured skin. Its not a 1 time fix, you must maintain this in your routine to truly see the results long term, and that is ultimately with any skincare treatment. Although, I can say that right after my skin was plumped and hydrated.

Overall, my skin stayed looking hydrated for days. I didn’t remove the serum that was left on my skin and continued about my day until nighttime where I did my normal skin routine. I didn’t experience any downside from this procedure and from my research this procedure has a low chance of causing a negative reaction to the skin. 

Was it worth it...

I suffer from acne, textured skin, large pores and acne scars/dark spots. This treatment helped target my concern. I have received a facial at a spa before but this is entirely different. While the ones at a traditional spa are nice I don't feel that they targeted my concerns. They were relaxing and luxerious but a hydraFacial is in my opinion an actual skincare treatment. If your looking to get a facial that improves your skin then a Hydrafacial is for you. It did cost $150, which is costly but that's just how much facials cost. Typically, they run from $150-$300. If you can budget for it, its worth every penny.  Overall, the treatment was a 10/10, definitely recommend.


An easy read on a study done where 20 participants received a hydrafacial every two weeks for a span of 12 weeks and its results is cited below to help in your own research. The study is called "Efficacy and Tolerability of HydraFacial Clarifying Treatment Series in the Treatment of Active Acne Vulgaris".

Thank you!


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