Acne Awareness Month

Posted by Alysse Whitworth, Master of Science on Jun 14th 2023

Happy Acne Awareness Month! 

I don’t know a better topic to discuss than being transparent with my skincare journey that lead me to creating Planted Beauty Rx. I have suffered from acne my entire life. I had good days but consistently I always had acne. I really thought that after high school that I would no longer have to deal with it, that it was just a teenage thing but it just never left! I was always self cautious about it. If I didn’t have makeup on I felt that everyone could see my acne, my hyperpigmentation and big nose pores. As I grew older I have become more comfortable in my skin but that feeling still lingers. In 2018 I started to look into ingredients that can help my acne. I have tried them all! After going down a rabbit hole of all the ingredients that could help me and all the toxins in products that could be affecting me as well I made a decision to just try to make some products myself. 

I would spend long nights after my children went to bed formulating in my kitchen different face oils, cleansers, lotions and skincare masks. Some were successes and some were failures but I loved every minute of it. Clay Masks specifically would return the best results so I put my focus there. After many trials and errors I came up with a base for a skincare mask that included using CBD. CBD at the time and currently isn't widely know in the beauty industry but as I researched the benefits I just had to try it. Studies have shown that CBD can calm inflammation and rejuvenate skin so I bought a big container of it, it cost a pretty penny too. I used it for everything but when it came to my skin I seen a drastic change in my skin (pictures below). After use, I didn’t have as many acne inflammations and my skin was glowing. Now there is no cure all product for acne but this definitely helped with my skin significantly.

I still struggle with acne from time to time as my body has gone through many hormonal changes over the past couple years but I still swear by using Green Clay and CBD in my skincare routine. Fast forward, I decided to make this passion into a business. I now formulate my product with a skincare chemist (not in my kitchen) where I worked with them to identify the ingredients I thought were impactful while they worked on the formulation. Now I have Planted Beauty Rx! My first product is the Purifying Herbal Clay Mask with 300 mg of CBD. It is made with French Green Clay, Aloe vera, Squalane and many more natural ingredients. It has truly helped my acne and I hope it can help yours!